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A Few of the World's Most Bizarre Chairs Ever

Back in the day, strange wasn't only frowned upon, but burned at the stake as well. Nowadays, anything strange, crazy, or downright bizarre is accepted with open arms. Humans might not have warmed up to their (fellow) bizarre humans, but they're certainly embracing strange fashion trends, Lady GaGa, and just lately - weird furniture. This just goes to show that man has carried his imagination beyond its limits, allowing it to influence even the most mundane things.

Whether or not you want these weird chairs in your home, you have to admit they're beyond awesome. Just how creative and free-spirited can someone be to design these chairs? Let's take a closer look.

1. The Ghost Chair Collection

Sit if you dare! These out-of-this-world chairs are bound to make any home a wee bit spookier. Made of plexiglass, these chairs have ghost-like forms inside them ready to scare the crap out of you in the middle of the night. Apparently, the designers were aiming for a futuristic look.

2. The Cut Chair

One look at this chair and you know you'll never sit on it. From the looks of it, the chair only has one complete leg, with the other 3 barely there. But give it a try. Trust the chair. You won't end up with a sore behind. The chair actually comes with a plate (so exquisitely concealed by a carpet) that allows a cantilevered seat.

3. The 1960's Female Form Fiberglass Chair

This chair is bound to make Cruella De Vil quiver with envy. The chair features a bizarre combination of Dalmatian-like cushions, with female legs as armrests. Take a look at the back of the chair and you'll see... something that's supposed to resemble... something (Seriously. Look at it and figure out what it is).

4. The PrettyPretty Seating Series

If you like Cousin Itt from Addams Family, then you'll love this chair made entirely out of horsetail hair. Even better, you can choose what hairstyle you want - tied or free flowing. If you're having a bad hair day, at least your chair perpetually has good hair days.

5. Tunnel Chair

Now here's a chair that you don't just sit on! If, for one reason or another, you're getting bored with just sitting on your chair, then worry not! Crawl into the chair, just relax, and sort of fit into and take the shape of the chair. Ponder about your life and how it feels like to be a chair.

6. Puzzle-Like Inception Chair

Take a seat on this chair that never ends! Upon looking at it, the chair seems like an endless string of chairs, but it's actually just a chair archetype in which progressively smaller chairs were placed.

7. The Atar Chairs

They call these strips of paper combined to make a chair "a fantasy of optically excellent proportions".

8. The Seatub

Some people never want to leave their tub, and with this chair, you can stay in the tub for as long as you want. The only drawback is you can't shower here.
9. The Cutlery Chair

To promote recycling, this chair makes use of worn out and old cutlery for you to sit on. Careful with the knives and forks!

10. "We Are All Made of Meat" Chair

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